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Nancy Morejon


Ocean Press ("in the world to change the world") is an independent publisher with a unique list of books offering a radical global vision of politics and history, focusing particularly on Latin America, and including a focus on Cuba. See the complete Ocean Press catalog:
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Shirley Anne Langer, Anita's Revolution, Shirleez Books, 2012
Anita's Revolution Fidel Castro announced before the United Nations in 1960 that Cuba would be "a territory free from illiteracy" by the end of 1961. How Cuba achieved that goal is what Anita's Revolution is about. Cuba called upon its young people to volunteer to become teachers, and more than 100,000 of them answered the call to join the literacy brigades. Langer's historical novel celebrates the 1961 Cuban Literacy Campaign by telling the story of Anita, one of the young brigadistas who taught literacy. Langer lived in Cuba for several years in the sixties and observed the results of the Literacy Campaign as people continued studying and reading: "I saw classes taking place—in the lobbies of hotels, in workplace cafeterias, in apartment building vestibules—even in the open air of parks." This book is appropriate for young adult and adult readers.
Anita's Revolution

Letters of Love and Hope: The Story of the Cuban Five
Introduced by Alice Walker, with a preface by Cuban poet Nancy Morejon
Ocean Books, May 2005

Letters of Love and Hope (Book Announcement)

A Place in the Sun?: Women Writers in Twentieth-Century Cuba
Catherine Davies, Palgrave Macmillan, 1998
A Place in the Sun? (Book Description)

Studio Arts

Cuban Art Space, NY

Cuban Art News

Artist Flora Fong

Flora Fong

Film & Theatre

Maestra/Teacher (33 minutes, directed by Catherine Murphy, Cuba/US), 2012
Maestra is a powerful documentary about the 1961 Cuban Literacy Campaign which raised literacy in Cuba to 95%.  The film celebrates this amazing story through original film footage of the period, photographs and personal interviews of the teachers who are now in their 60's, 70's and 80's. As they tell their stories, the Cuban women reflect on the transformation of their own lives and the whole of Cuban society as a result of the literacy campaign. For most, it was the first time they experienced independence and realized their power.
Order Maestra, narrated by Alice Walker
Maestra Website
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2-minute Maestra Trailer
Maestra Interview at Traverse City Film Festival

Gay Cuba (Sonia de Vries and Félix Varela Center, US/Cuba), 1996
Documentary uses interviews to strike a blow against the political blockade of Cuba by U.S. imperialism.

"The Day Diplomacy Died" (33 min, Bernie Dwyer, 2010)

Music & Dance

Charanga Danzon: Charanga is a genre and ensemble of Cuban dance music merging African and European influences, highlighting flute and violin. Danzon is the national dance style of Cuba. Founded in 2008 by violinist and educator Irene Mitri, Charanga Danzon is a unique Cuban music ensemble based in Seattle. This fluid ensemble finds its basis honoring the tradition of strings in Cuban music, with a repertoire including traditional charanga, son/danzon, cha-cha-cha, classical, and jazz. Members of Charanga Danzon include Irene Mitri (violin, ensemble director), Fred Hoadley (piano, tres), Francisco Medina Jr. (percussion), Michael Nicolella (guitar), Jim O'Halloran (flutes), Andy Schloss (percussion), Pedro Vargas (percussion), Ben Verdier (bass), with special guests Lance Lu (shekere, dance) and Theodora Fogarty (dance).

Charanga Danzon

Contact Irene Mitri, (206) 789-6280, Irena Mitri

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