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US Social Forum 2007

Collaboration members march at the US Social Forum in Atlanta, June 2007

Campaign for Rights to Travel and Mutually Beneficial Trade

Help us work to end US restrictions that prevent free travel and trade with Cuba. This campaign builds resources for legislative advocacy and collaborates with national and global allies to analyze and support US policy changes toward fully normalized travel and trade between the sovereign nations of Cuba and the US. We work to foster government policy that supports free exchanges so that citizens of both countries might experience the realities of one another's cultures and commerce for themselves. Important allies and mentors for us in this campaign are Cuban and Cuban American women, LAWG (Latin American Working Group) and other Cuba advocacy groups.

Current projects: Legislative Advocacy Training, People-to-People and Research Delegations

Campaign for Solidarity with the Reality of Cuban Women's Lives

Learn about the progress of the Cuban women's movement in establishing equality for the millions of women in Cuba, and also about the harsh impacts of the US blockade on the lives of Cuban women and children. As new US-Cuba diplomatic and economic relations evolve, work with us to track and understand the diverse effects of changes on all Cuban women, but particularly women who are members of racial, sexual and gender minorities. We want to be strong allies in promoting responsible US behaviors as US involvement with Cuba increases, behaviors that honor Cuban women and Cuban sovereignty and traditions. For this campaign, the Collaboration organizes and makes presentations about our goals and work at local, national and international events, forges alliances with women's organizations in Cuba including solidarity and material aid to end homophobia, and sponsors Cuban women to join us in the US for speaking tours that educate us about the historical and current realities of their lives.

Current projects: Lesbians and Allies Project, 2016 US Tour for Luisa Campos, Director of the Cuban Literacy Museum

Campaign for Advancing Global Feminisms

Join us as we learn and share the lessons of global women's organizing to build a strong US women's movement. This campaign works with women globally around issues of women's human rights including racial, sexual, gender and economic justice, as well as real security and peace. The vision for a women's movement based in human rights is reflected powerfully in the status of women in Cuba, Venezuela and much of the Global South. We in the US have much to learn from our sisters abroad, including how international strategies and UN Resolutions can advance the status of women in the US and globally. The Collaboration promotes women's solidarity across a range of strategies and actions, including targeted support for mission allies, and work to ratify CEDAW (the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) nationally and locally.

Current projects: Cities for CEDAW, ELAM (Latin American School of Medicine) Doctor Solidarity Project

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