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Tour Information: November 2015 Women's Delegation
"Advancing Women's Human Rights, Racial Justice and Community Development in Cuba"
Arranged by Marazul Charters
2015 Delegation

November Delegation

Post-Delegation Report

"Women's Rights: Catching Up to Cuba," Nataka Moore, Adler University

"It is Time the U.S. Ends Its Brutal Trade Embargo on Cuba," Valerie Werner, Adler University

Tour Information: August 2015 Delegation
"The Cuban Revolution: Its History and Present Day Transformation"
Arranged by Marazul Charters
August Delegation

US Women & Cuba Collaboration:
September 2014 Research Delegation to Cuba

"Impacts of Social and Economic Reforms on Women and Families in Cuba"
Arranged by Marazul Charters

2014 Research
            Delegation with Bronze Statue of Singing Star and Band Leader Benny Moré in Cienfuegos' Prado Street

Reflections and Agenda Highlights by Paloma Andazola-Reza
Paloma Andazola-Reza

El Mejunje Event: Lesbians and Allies Project
One of the main accomplishments of the September 2014 women's delegation to Cuba was a gathering of lesbians and allies at El Mejunje in the historic city of Santa Clara to launch the work of the Lesbians and Allies Project. The genesis for this project was laid years ago when we first formed the Collaboration with one of our goals being to learn how the Cuban women's movement and Cuban government were addressing issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. As a result of a growing network of grassroots lesbian organizations in Cuba spearheaded by CENESEX, the Collaboration was able to hold this important meeting. The article that follows is by Moon Vazquez, Collaboration National Steering Committee Member, and Marjorie Richards, 2014 Delegate, on their reflections about this memorable gathering and discussion.
El Mejunje Event: Marjorie Richards and Moon Vazquez

Lizeth Garcia

Angela Gilliam

Phebe Jewell

Tracie Lai

Misa Shikuma

"Cuba Libre," Misa Shikuma,

Karen Stuhldreher

Norma Timbang

Delegation Overview and Photos

US Women & Cuba Collaboration:
2013 Research Delegation to Cuba

"Women Advancing Gender Equality, Racial Justice and Sustainable Development"
Arranged by Marazul Charters

2013 Delegation
(Photo Credit: Lissa Barber)

See itinerary and photos of 2013 Delegation here.

US Women & Cuba Collaboration:
September 2012 Research Delegation to Cuba

"Women Advancing Economic Justice and Human Rights"
Arranged by Marazul Charters

2012 Research

Cindy Domingo, Delegation Co-Leader

Moon "Luna" Vazquez, Delegation Co-Leader

Cynthia Curtis

Danielle Doyon

Deborah Goldman

Janice Gutman

Sue Hodes

Dorothy Jo Lower

Las Isabelas Informational Brochure

2012 Delegation Photo Slideshow

| Cuban Girls' Salsa Dance Troupe

| El Presidente Hip Hop Dance Troupe in Santiago de Cuba

US Women & Cuba Collaboration:
March 2010 Research Delegation to Cuba

"Women's Human Rights, Racial Justice and Social Welfare"
Arranged by Marazul Charters, Inc.

2010 Research
            Delegation Delegates

Angela Gilliam

Marissa Chavez

Shonettia Monique

Jeniffer Calleja

Martha Burk

Shirley Jackson

June Terpstra

Aisha Brown "El Momento Es Ahora": End the Cuban Embargo Now (2013)

2010 Delegation Photo Slideshow

Delegate and Ms Magazine Money editor Martha Burk reports in Ms Magazine
Cuba Puts Women Forward, But . . .

Letter to Editor responding to Ms article from US Women & Cuba Collaboration co-chairs
Letter to Editor

Additional Photos from Previous Delegations

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