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Mariela Castro at LASA

Mariela Castro Talks to Collaboration Members at LASA 2012

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FMC (Federation of Cuban Women) Sign

Federation of Cuban Women

2012 Information and Statistics on Cuban Women:

Cuban Women in Statistics 2012

FMC Powerpoint
Caridad Morales Nussa
Presented at 2012 NOW Conference

Federation of Cuban Women Powerpoint

FMC Greetings to NOW

We Will Never Cease in Our Struggle Against Terrorism
October 2011

"This [Gramma] Editorial has the total support of the more than four million members of the Federation of Cuban Women."


Call to Women from all over the World


At a time when, once again, humanity faces the danger of a nuclear war, we must join ourselves in defense of life. That is why, the Federation of Cuban Women calls all women and men of good will, to add their voices to the claim of over four million Cuban women, who together with all Cuban people demand the freedom of five of its compatriots unjustly imprisoned in The United States.

This September 12, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Lavanino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, and Rene Gonzales will complete twelve years of cruel confinement. This injustice is not only intended to punish the five antiterrorist fighters, but also their families, particularly Olga Salanueva and Adriana Perez, whose right of visiting their husbands has been denied.

A wall of silence has been raised by the big media transnationals so that this truth be unknown. But as Jose Marti said "one just principle from the depths of a cave, is stronger than an army."

Let us raise our voices to demand to the U.S. government the immediate releasing of these men, whose courage and exceptional ethical dimension are recognized today by personalities from the whole world.

Women, life- deliverers, appreciate the value of the family and know the power of solidarity. Let's join in all actions that contribute to publicize this case and put pressure on the U.S. public and its authorities.

Sisters of the world, we count on you so that our 5 sons, whom we considered heroes, true representatives of a people that love freedom and peace, return home.

End to injustice, free them now!

National Secretariat
Federation of Cuban Women

Topic: Solidarity and Cooperation

The growing prestige of our country in the world has resulted in increases, each day, of more and more members of solidarity organizations that work all over the world to support our country against defamation campaigns and against all kind of aggressions suffered by our people, as well as showing and explaining the true Cuban reality, experienced by many of the members in the different delegations that travel to our country. In these trips, these enthusiastic friends give their solidarity contributions through their unselfish work in different areas of our economy and in social projects. Cuba has over 2,000 solidarity organizations that work in 149 countries of every continent. Most of these 2,027 groups are in Europe (840) and Latin America and the Caribbean (698).

But we Cubans are not only the recipients of solidarity, we also offer it. In many countries, Cuba has major collaborative projects in several areas of daily life. Many people receive free health consultations, literacy classes, physical culture classes, sports training and even agricultural advice, thanks to the cooperation of Cuban collaborators who currently offer their services in 98 countries-over 37,000 collaborators in the health sector, and about 12,000 in other sectors, such as education, sports and agriculture.

We reaffirm to the whole world that while there remains a single person who needs our solidarity help, we will not disappoint them and they can always count on our collaboration.

We are offering you the thematic sites at the Network in Defense of Humanity to send your signatures for the causes we defend, as well as information about the actions held in your countries:

Free The Five

Everybody with Bolivia

Support to Palestine

Support to Honduras

Federation of Cuban Women
November 20, 2009

FMC Solidarity and Cooperation Statement

In the Name of Adriana

On behalf of Adriana Perez O'Conor, the wife of Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, and in the name of more than 4 millions of affiliated Cuban women, we cannot understand this new ferocious and savage vengeance of the US State Department that, precisely on the day they celebrate 21 years of marriage, and for ten continuous times, has just refused to her the Visa application to meet her husband. The right to see relatives every month is a recognized right to all person imprisoned in that country. On behalf of reason and human dignity, we call women all over the world.

We call you to share with us the demand and the accusation due to this new attack to justice, this act of extreme violence, of unprecedented cruelty against a woman, for the single fact of being Cuban and of being the wife of a hero, a consequential fighter for the safety, security and the happiness of his people.

Next September will be eleven years of the permanent state of anguish in which Adriana lives. She is subjected in truth to a process of physical and affective torture, as all this could destroy her hopes and feelings. This Cuban woman has not committed a crime in any place of the world, neither in her country, and neither in the United States.

Her life takes place in the middle of the sadness, receiving a punishment for a crime that she has never committed. As if so much suffering was not enough, now she has been wickedly accused, by the Secretary of the State of the most powerful economic and military country in the earth, as a person that "threatens the stability and national security of the United States."

Adriana still cannot be convinced of this huge injustice, more inadmissible when such a judgment comes from a woman: Hillary Clinton, who is also considered as an outstanding jurist. Supposedly, at her intellectual and political level, she should be sensitized by human situations, as those of a wife that for more than 10 years been denied the right of seeing her husband, the person with whom she has shared her life, who has been denied the possibility of exchanging with him, of supporting him in these difficult circumstances, of sharing the affection and the love that mutually are professed.

We Cuban women are together and supporting Adriana, and we won't give up this battle, so that she can be reunited with Gerardo and to wait together his return to Cuba. Therefore we again appeal to women all over the world, especially women from United Stated, the simplest wives, sisters, daughters, up to the big officers of the highest levels, to protest and change this absurd and inhuman refusal of a visa application. We only demand the respect to Adriana's rights, we only ask that her voice be listened to, and the voices of her Cuban sisters that make this claim for justice and reason.

Federation of Cuban Women
22 July 2009

Mensaje de la FMC solidaridad con Palestina
9 Jan 2009

Solidarity Message with the Palestinian people and its women, condemning the Israeli attacks.

Dear sisters,
We, Cuban women rise our voices and join all progressive forces of the world to condemn the violent actions of the Zionist government of Israel against the Palestinian people, whose main victims are women, children and elderly people. Once again, the Palestinian people suffer the violation of its international right to sovereignty and self-determination, of the norms of the humanitarian law, including the civilians protection in war time that figures in the Geneva Convention, adopted August 12th, 1949. Facing the impunity of the military Zionist operations in the Gaza Strip, and the absence of an overwhelming answer from the Security Council of the United Nations; it is our moral duty to unite ourselves to the call of the International Community in demanding the immediate ceasing of this aggression, and to put an end to this crisis, to support and to promote the peace process and the respect to the international law and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. We ratify our commitment to struggle together with all women of the world against war, in favor of peace, justice and freedom.

FMC Solidarity with Palestine Message

Letter responding to US terms for hurricane aid

FMC Letter

Carta FMC

October/octubre 2008

2008 UN Report

Summary of the 2008 Report of Cuba to the UN General Assembly on the "Necessity to End the Commercial, Economic, and Financial Blockade of the Government of the United States against Cuba"

Resumen del Informe de Cuba ante la Asamblea General de la ONU de 2008, sobre la "Necesidad de Poner Fin al Bloqueo Comercial, Economico Y Financiero del Gobierno de Estados Unidos contra Cuba".

March 2008: Call from the Federation of Cuban Women Regarding the Five Cuban Heroes

Octubre 2006: Las mujeres cubanas contra el bloqueo y la anexion / Cuban Women Against the Blockade and Annexation

2003: FMC Information about Cuban Women

Mariela Castro, CENESEX

Mariela Castro Espin, director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) in Havana, leads a national campaign for sexual health and inclusive rights in Cuba. She is the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and the late Vilma Espin, co-founder and longtime president of the Cuban Federation of Women.

Interview with Mariela Castro Espin
"Revolutionising Gender"

MEDICC Review April 2012, Vol 14, No 2

Revolutionising Gender

Interview with Mariela Castro Espin
Havana, December 18, 2008

Radio Program "La Noche se Mueve"
Miami, 1210 am

EG: Edmundo Garcia, host
MC: Mariela Castro

EG: Interview with Mariela Castro Espin, Director of Cuba's National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX). Mariela, thank you so much for accepting to have this first conversation for 'La Noche se Mueve' and our audience in South Florida.

MC: Thank you for this meeting.

EG: It's been a while since we last met, so I'd like to start by offering my condolences for your mother's death. I know you loved her very much.

MC: Thank you very much.

EG: What did she mean to you and the woman you have become?

MC: Well, first of all she was a very sweet and affectionate mom who made great contributions to our education. Despite her many obligations she really looked after us and paid attention to our contradictions, because we're all so different from one another. Now that I have three children myself, I can't help wondering how she could devote so much time to every one of us, and talk and listen to and help us in times of trouble, and always with respect for what each of us was. Of course, like any other mother, she would try to set boundaries, and as we grew up we would try to set our own.

Her life story as a human being is really beautiful. As all children do, when I was a girl I wanted to be like my folks, but I didn't have it in me to be like her, because we had very different personalities and temperaments. Still, she always taught me good things. We had the usual fights children often have with their parents as part of domestic life, but I always looked up to her as a human being, for she had qualities and abilities as a woman that I could only have in my dreams. Not that I'm any less worthy; it's just that we're so different. My current job has made me go deeper into the history of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), which started the work I do now, and from the professional viewpoint I have to know what they did in the past for the sake of continuity.
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Cuban government backs calls to combat homophobia
Andrea Rodriguez, © 2008 Associated Press

[Mariela] Castro champions gay rights in Cuba--BBC News, Havana
Michael Voss, BBC News, Havana, March 3, 2007

Interview with Mariela Castro--La
Fernando Garcia, Havana Correspondent, May 10, 2008, A CubaNews translation by Sue Greene, ed Walter Lippmann

A Castro Strives to Open Cuban's Opinions on Sex--New York Times
Marc Lacey, Havana, June 9, 2007, © 2007 The New York Times Company

Las Isabelas

Las Isabelas is a lesbian organization in Santiago de Cuba that has an advisory role for CENESEX. Las Isabelas and the Collaboration work together on educational events about anti-homophobia work in Cuba and the U.S.

Experiencias y Vivencias del Grupo Las Isabelas by Isabelas Founder Isel Calzadilla Acosta

Las Isabelas Website

Las Isabelas flyer in English and Spanish, translated by Sue Hode

ICAP (Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos/
The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People)

Greetings from ICAP of Matanzas Oct 15, 2014, on the occasion of Rural Women's Day in Cuba

Hola estimada amiga Cindy:
Recibe nuestro saludo fraternal desde el ICAP de Matanzas. Manana dia 15 se conmemora el Dia de la Mujer Rural en Cuba y como se que tu grupo de mujeres es fuerte y muy importante por las actividades que realiza, las tendremos presentes ese dia.
Escribenos pronto y Recibe el fuerte abrazo solidario desde el colectivo del ICAP de Matanzas.
Marlene Lovio
Funcionaria ICAP Matanzas

Caridad Morales Nussa

Caridad Morales Nussa is a Cuban American member of the US Women and Cuba Collaboration Steering Committee who lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Professor Caridad Morales Nussa Speaks at Montana State University

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